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TETRACHIM presentation

High-tech coatings specialist in partnership with the biggest names in Chemistry.

Offered ranges :
● Fluoropolymer coatings : PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE
Conductive inks based on silver or graphite and dielectric varnishes
Shielding products based on metallic pigments (silver, copper or nickel)
Dry lubricants and rubber coatings based on Graphite, MoS2 and PTFE
Polyamide 11 and polyamide 6-12 powders
PVDF powder coatings
Epoxy powders for electrical resistance

Tetrachim Distribution



Teflon Industrial Coatings by Chemours based on PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE.
Low coefficient of friction
Chemical resistance
Abrasion resistance
Heat resistance up to 260°C…

Teflon Industrial Coatings



Henkel Electronic Materials Loctite® range (formerly Electrodag®, Lumidag® and Minico®): conductive inks for flexible and rigid circuits, shielding products against electromagnetic interferences.

Henkel Specialty Coatings Bonderite® range (formerly Emralon®, Molydag® and Dag®): dry lubricants and rubber coatings.

Loctite® & Bonderite® ranges

Our details

Tetrachim France
12 rue de la Mare Blanche
77186 Noisiel- France
Ph. : +33 1 61 44 02 90
Fax : +33 1 61 44 02 99



Rilsan® Fine Powders by Arkema : Polyamide 11 powders to protect metals against corrosion.

Orgasol® Ultra-Fine powders by Arkema : polyamide 6 and 12 powders used as additive to improve abrastion and scratch resistance.

Kynar® Flex PVDF coating by Arkema : powders applied without primer onto metals to protect them against corrosion.

Rilsan®, Orgasol® et Kynar®



Scotchcast™ epoxy powders by 3M for electrical insulation of rotors, stators, toroids...

Application by hot dipping in a fluidised bed or on cold part by electrostatic process.

Scotchcast™ Powders

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