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Our details

Tetrachim France
12 rue de la Mare Blanche
77186 Noisiel- France
Ph. : +33 1 61 44 02 90
Fax : +33 1 61 44 02 99

Tetrachim, high-tech coatings specialist

Tetrachim is the specialist of high-tech coatings distribution in Europe, Africa and Middle-East since 1996.

Partner of the biggest names in Chemistry such as Chemours, Henkel, Arkema and 3M.

Multi-cultural team, available and reactive.
We speak French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Technical support: engineers specialised in multiple product ranges.

Our engineers are at your service:

· Coating solution according to your specification

·Technical problems solving

Large stock of products for fast deliveries.

Job coaters network for sub-contraction.

Markets served: food industry, industrial bakeware, chemical industry, paper industry, textile industry, aerospace, semi-conductors, water industry, automotive, electronics...


You have a problem involving:

· Corrosion

· Friction
· Wear
· Abrasion
· Conductivity
· Electromagnetic interferences
· Electrical insulation

We have the solution!



Teflon acheson Arkema 3M

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