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Henkel Acheson Products

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Tetrachim France
12 rue de la Mare Blanche
77186 Noisiel - France
Ph. : +33 1 61 44 02 90
Fax : +33 1 61 44 02 99

henkel  Henkel Acheson ranges

Electronic Materials with Electrodag®, Lumidag® and Minico® ranges: shielding products, conductive inks and dielectric varnishes for membrane switch boards and printed circuit boards.

Specialty Coatings with Emralon®, Molydag® and Dag® ranges: dry lubricants and rubber coatings.


acheson   acheson


Shielding products

Consisting of conductive pigments (silver, copper or nickel) dispersed in a resin.

Applied on plastics to form a conductive layer.

Can be air dried or forced dried at 70°C.

Final resistance below 0,5 Ohm/square/25 µm

Used to protect electronic or electrical appliances with plastic bodies against electromagnetic interferences.

Conductive inks and dielectric varnishes

Conductive inks based on silver or graphite in a polymer resin and UV dielectric varnishes.

Applied by screen printing.

Used to build membrane switch boards, printed circuit boards, heating elements, potentiometers, smart cards, electroluminescent lamps…


Dry lubricants and Specialty Coatings

Consisting in solid lubricants (PTFE, MoS2, graphite) dispersed in solvents or water.

Applied by spraying, then dried or cured between 70 and 200°C.

Coating properties: low coefficient of friction and wear resistance.

Can be applied to all substrates : metals, plastics, wood, glass and rubber.



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