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Arkema Rilsan®, Orgasol® & Kynar®

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henkel Rilsan® Fine Powders by Arkema

Powders based on Polyamide 11, polymer made from castor oil (renewable vegetal raw material).

Contains no VOC, no pigments based on heavy metals, no hardener.

Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
Excellent mechanical properties
Abrasion, scratch and impact resistance
Excellent UV resistance

Available in a wide range of colours.

Some grades are approved for contact with drinking water or food.

Possible application processes:
Hot dipping in a fluidised bed
Electrostatic spraying, positive or négative
Immersion in a vibrating bowl (Minicoat/Maxicoat)
Flame spray

Application examples: dishwasher baskets (or other wire articles), automotive, urban furniture, medical furniture, water treatment units, printing rollers…


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Orgasol® Ultra-Fine Powders by Arkema

Powders based on Polyamide 6 and 12.

Particle size between 5 and 60 microns.

Porous structure and very narrow particle size distribution.

Used as additive for paints, varnishes and composites.

  Improve abrasion and scratch resistance
Improve elasticty and impact resistance
Gloss and texture control

Compatibles with all types of paints (water based, solvent based or UV) and a wide range of substrates
(metals, plastics or wood).


Kynar® Flex by Arkema

Kynar® Flex coatings are based on PVDF and can be applied directly to the metal without the use of primer to protect metals against corrosion.

Possible application processes:
Hot dipping in a fluidised bed
Electrostatic spraying
Hot spraying

Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance
Very good mechanical properties
Heat stability
Excellent UV resistance
Ease of application without any primer

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