Bonderite C-AK L-95

BONDERITE® C-AK L-95 is a liquid, strong alkaline product for the cleaning of metallic surfaces. It is used for both chemical cleaning (with a surfactant additive) or electrolytic cleaning. BONDERITE® C-AK L-95 is used also by spray application or in ultrasonic tanks with the appropriate additive.

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SKU 450575G

Packaging29 Kg
Application methodsSpraying

BONDERITE® C-AK L-95 is used for the phosphate or soap removal in the cold forming operation. It is used for the cleaning of metallic surfaces prior to electroplating or chemical plating, prior to enemelling or prior to organic coating. BONDERITE® C-AK L-95 is particularly designed for ferrous and copper alloys. Do not use on light metals (aluminium alloys).

  • pH-value: (in a solution of 10 g/L): ~13
  • Temperature resistance: 20 to 90°C

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