Scotchcast 5230N

Widely used, general purpose epoxy powder resin. A one-part, light blue pigmented, rapid heat-curing product, it is designed to provide a continuous, tough moisture and chemical resistant dielectric coating to a variety of substrates. Scotchcast™™ 5230N offers superior chargeability and edge coverage.

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SKU 630000174G

Packaging27,20 kg
Supplier 3M
RangeEpoxy powder
Properties Insulating
Application methodsElectrostatic spraying, Electrostatic fluid bed

Scotchcast™™ 5230N is applied to a cold metallic part by electrostatic fluid bed or spraying process. The negatively charged resin particles are attracted to the grounded part to be coated. Coating thicknesses up to 25 mils may be obtained. Because of its superior charging capabilities Scotchcast™™ 5230N exhibits excellent slot penetration on motor stators and armatures. Scotchcast™™ 5230N is used for moisture-proofing and insulating armatures, stators, bus bars and toroid cores.

Weight 29,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

Dielectric strength: 1 000V/mil, Cut-through resistance: 320°C, UL 1446 Electrical Insulation System (EIS) approved at Class F (155°C), Excellent edge coverage

Weight 29,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

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