Scotchcast 5555-10G

A one-part, green pigmented, rapid heat curing epoxy powder coating. It is designed to provide a continuous, tough moisture and chemical resistant dielectric coating for fractional horsepower motor stators, armatures and transformers. Scotchcast™™ 5555-10G offers an excellent cut-through resistance.

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SKU 610869549W

Packaging20,00 kg
RangeEpoxy powder
Application methodsElectrostatic spraying, Electrostatic fluid bed, Venturi spray

Scotchcast™ 5555-10G can be either applied electrostatically to a cold part or by fluid bed dip / Venturi spray system on a preheated part. When it cures, the resin bonds to the substrate and coalesces into a smooth, continuous and uniform thick coating. Scotchcast™ 5555-10G is used for moisture-proofing and insulating armatures, stators, bus bars and toroid cores.

Weight 22,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

Dielectric strength: 1 300 V/mil, Cut-through resistance: 340°C, UL 1446 Electrical Insulation System (EIS) approved at Class H (180°C)

Weight 22,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

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