Bonderite L-GP 213

BONDERITE® L-GP 213 is a dispersion of finely divided graphite pigment in an epoxy resin solution designed to provide controlled electrical resistance properties. When properly cured, it has excellent adhesion to epoxy circuit boards, bushings, plastics and ceramics. It also has excellent wearing properties and provides chemical resistance to oils and many solvents, but not to enamel strippers.

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UGS 12130122P

Packaging1,00 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeDry lubricant
Application methodsSpraying, Dipping

BONDERITE® L-GP 213 as a lubricant coating provides clean, dry, long-wearing, and superior maintenance-free lubrication for a wide range of light to medium load applications. A thin film keeps wear uniform and reduces friction on mating metal parts without requiring increased manufacturing tolerances. Components are protected from metal-to-metal contact reducing the risk of damage due to seizure. Formulated from processed micro-graphite and epoxy resin, BONDERITE® L-GP 213 forms tightly adherent coatings on many types of substrates.

Poids 1,11 kg
Dimensions 8,55 × 8,55 × 24,20 cm
  • Resistivity: <1 000 ohms/sq at 25 ?m dry film thickness
  • Temperature resistance: 150°C continuous and 260°C intermittent
  • Coefficient of friction (static): 0.114
Poids 1,11 kg
Dimensions 8,55 × 8,55 × 24,20 cm

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