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Who we are : our engagements

At Tetrachim, we all work towards a more sustainable development. Our environmental and societal contributions begin with our suppliers and, via our team, expand throughout the value chain, starting with:


Sustainable and ethically sourced products

We are committed to offering products and solutions within our portfolio that focus on health and wellbeing for our consumers, the environment and society.
This is why we are constantly looking for new and cleaner technologies. We pay attention to the products we select and promote a range of eco-friendly coatings such as nMP free or biobased materials.


Focus on carbon emissions

We continuously explore further ways to reduce our carbon footprint, together with our logistics partners. We have increased the amounts of group orders to reduce the number of shipments without damaging our OTD rate. We also favour train travels for our short distance business trips.


Reducing, recycling, reusing

We are conscious that natural resources are not illimited.

In order to limit the impact of our operations, we have reduced our paper use by offering electronic invoices and only print if absolutely necessary. We also recycle used packaging for cushioning.


People fulfillment

Integrity is one of the core values we conduct our business with at Tetrachim. We are committed to creating and maintaining a culture that promotes trust, confidence and respect for our employees, our external business partners and other stakeholders. Thanks to our suppliers and to our in-house capabilities, we provide trainings to our employees, ensuring they have the ability to deliver a quality service and to develop their skills.