Easy, fast and safe food processing

Available in all shapes and sizes, industrial food equipment and bakeware components have to stand up to harsh temperature conditions and last for numerous working cycles. To meet your performance objectives, you are looking for a combination of temperature, wear resistance and non-stick properties with, of course, food grade coating systems. In addition, you might also need to mitigate microbial growth.

Your applications


Bread molds, baking or confectionary trays, cake rings

Food processing equipment

Hoppers, mixing drums, stirrers, blenders, slitter blades, die casts and rolls, vibratory pans, grill racks, conveyor components

Why choose us ?

Whether you’re looking for a coating solution for tooling, equipment, infrastructure, or bakeware components, we offer you the solution you require:
  • Outstanding non-stick solutions
  • Enhanced efficiency through repeated baking cycles
  • Improved hygiene of industrial bakery operations
  • Improved quality and nutritional value of the baked products without using oils or greases for de-panning
Tetrachim is the go-to place to help you select and apply the right product or system for an easy and safe baking and food process.

The functionalities you are looking for

Food approved

Non-stick properties

Wear resistance

Temperature resistance

Find additional information on food grade products!

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