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Kynar® PVDF coatings ensure long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal for a wide range of applications, from chemical processing equipment to architectural components. Whether you need to withstand harsh outdoor conditions or aggressive chemicals, Kynar® PVDF offers a reliable solution.

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Arkema’s Kynar® PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) high-performance industrial coatings are renowned for their exceptional balance of properties, offering significant benefits to a wide range of applications.

Chemical resistance: These coatings are highly valued for their remarkable chemical resistance, allowing them to withstand exposure to aggressive chemicals and solvents without degrading. This makes them ideal for use in chemical processing industries, where equipment durability is paramount.

Weatherability: Another key advantage of Kynar® PVDF coatings is their excellent weatherability. They can resist the effects of UV radiation, humidity, and extreme temperatures, maintaining their integrity and appearance over time. This feature is particularly beneficial for outdoor applications, such as architectural components, where long-term aesthetic appeal and structural integrity are crucial.

Resistance to wear: Furthermore, Kynar® PVDF coatings exhibit superior abrasion resistance, which is critical in environments where mechanical wear can compromise the longevity of coated surfaces. This property ensures that equipment and structures remain protected, even in high-traffic or mechanically demanding scenarios.

Adhesion to various substrates: The coatings also offer excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including metals, glass, and plastics, providing a versatile solution for enhancing the durability and performance of materials across diverse industries.

Fire resistance: Additionally, their low flammability and high thermal stability contribute to the safety and reliability of applications in fire-prone environments.

In summary, Kynar® PVDF high-performance industrial coatings deliver unparalleled chemical resistance, weatherability, abrasion resistance, and adhesion, making them an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications where longevity, safety, and performance are critical.