Protecting to last safely

The chemical and water industries are highly challenging with regards to the selection of protective coatings. They require easy to clean and corrosion resistant surfaces combined with high temperatures. In addition, good non-stick properties are often needed to ensure a pore-free surface and avoid microbial contamination. For drinking and wastewater plants, coatings must also ensure no migration of unwanted compounds in the water.

Your applications

Chemical industry

Pumps, pipes and fittings (chemicals), valves, components in contact with corrosive environments, control panels and transmissions, cable fittings and clamps

Water industry

Pipes and fitting (drinking and wastewater treatment plants), valves, flanges, couplings, cross-fittings, elbow joints, Y-joints

Why choose us ?

Whether you’re looking for a coating solution to protect your components from corrosion or preserve the quality of drinking water, we have the solution you require:
  • Coatings able to withstand the most aggressive chemicals
  • Fewer maintenance shutdowns thanks to easy to clean coatings
  • Enhanced safety with solutions to dissipate static charges
Our team is here to find you the best material to protect your equipment longer and safer.

The functionalities you are looking for

Corrosion resistance

Chemical resistance


Temperature resistance

Non-stick properties

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