Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders are engineered to provide optimum performance to your thermal spray process. This industry-leading range of ceramic powders allow to extend the life of your parts. The performance of your equipment is enhanced to resist in abrasive, corrosive and high temperature environments.

These materials provide optimal wear resistance as well as thermal and electrical insulation in a range of services. From extreme temperature and abrasion resistant for gas turbine equipment to high purity for electronic applications, Saint-Gobain has a reliable and cost-effective coating solution for you.

The comprehensive range of ceramic powders includes products based on alumina, Titania, Chromia, Zirconia and Yttria. They’re compatible with flame spray or plasma spray process.

The aluminum oxide thermal spray powders by Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions impart dense, hard, wear-resistant coatings with electrical insulating properties. These coatings provide high dielectric strength and thermal shock resistance, making them ideal for a range of applications, from paper, printing and textile processes to aerospace, automotive and chemical industries.

Titania powders are composed of fused and crushed, blocky-shaped black particles. These powders are used for coatings where only moderate resistance to abrasive wear is required.
The chromium oxide powders are tailored to meet specific process demands. They provide optimal resistance to corrosion and wear due to abrasion, friction, fretting and erosion.
The zirconia-based powders offer thermal barrier with excellent wear resistant properties. They successfully perform in high temperature applications such as gas turbines and combustion engines.
The range of high purity yttria-based powders imparts extremely stable coatings for electronic applications.