Sliding towards higher productivity

Pulp and paper mill owners are constantly fighting against corrosion but also need to maintain the surface of their cylinders and rolls to ensure the quality and productivity of their production. Similarly, textile facilities require non-stick and abrasion-resistant properties for their cylinder to decrease production time and limit the cleaning and maintenance on automatic machines.

Your applications

Paper & pulp

Drying cylinders, Lead rolls, guide rolls, spreading rolls, suction roll, fly rolls, press rolls
Copier, printer, and fuser rolls

Textile industry

Drying Cylinders, Sizing Cylinders, Guide rolls, Lease rod, Pin bar, Textile Bath, Vacuum Slot

Why choose us ?

Whether you are working for the paper or textile industry, Tetrachim can help you meet the highest expectations in terms of quality and productivity:
  • Avoid un-scheduled maintenance shutdowns thanks to high performance anti-corrosion coatings for your equipment
  • Increase your production flow thanks to low friction and abrasion-resistant coatings on your cylinder
  • Improve the quality of your final product with non-stick coatings on your cylinder
Our team will guide you to find the best suited coating for your application. And we can deliver wherever you want for a faster maintenance operation thanks to our optimal logistic network.

The functionalities you are looking for

Non-stick properties

Corrosion resistance

Low friction properties

Abrasion resistance

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