Quality & Certifications

Who we are : Quality & Certifications
EN 9120

The highest standard for industrial distributors

Tetrachim is operating under the EN 9120 standard. Based on ISO 9001 but also including around 100 additional specifications, the EN 9120 standard guarantees a quality management system for aerospace-homologated distributors.

Dedicated to companies specializing in storage and distribution, EN 9120 is universal and has a different name depending on the country. Initiated by key international purchasers, EN 9120 embodies the principles of ISO 9001 and broadens its scope of requirements in accordance with the strict rules in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.


Complaint handling

All complaints regarding HSEQ-related topics are handled through the established complaint and incident handling procedure. All reported concerns, complaints and incidents are registered, investigated and concluded. Based on an analysis of all complaints filed, we generate specific actions to improve our performance.


Monitoring changes

When regulatory, quality and sustainability aspects are changed or new processes, regulations or laws are implemented that are relevant to the specialty coatings and inks business, we ensure up-to-date knowledge is provided to our customers and applicators.