Connecting conductivity with your productivity

Today, increased connectivity, smarter technology and smaller devices are rising fast.
To meet those requirements, countless devices rely on high-performance inks for function, form and flexibility. In the semi-conductor industry, fluoropolymer coatings are used to maintain a safe environment and protect production equipment against corrosion.

Your applications

Printed electronic technology

Flexible circuits for membrane switches, keyboards, heating elements, touch screens, lighting, household appliances, automotive sensors, biosensors, EKG/ECG electrodes, antennas for contactless SmartCards and RFID labels, printed circuit boards and potentiometers

Semi-conductor manufacturing

Ducts, wafer carriers, process vessels, racks, pipes and fittings, tubing, valves and pumps, storage and transport containers, filters, sensors

Why choose us ?

Whether for rigid or flexibly printed circuit boards, our superior technical support will guide you to find the right solution to:

  • Make a successful application with flatbed (screen/stencil), flexographic or rotogravure printing
  • Select in the wide range of Loctite® conductive inks including silver and carbon, dielectric varnish but also specialty inks such as positive temperature coefficient (PTC), transparent conductive inks, fine line, thermoformable, highly conductive silver or force sensitive resistors (FSR)
  • Reach ultra-high frequency performance thanks to coatings with excellent conductive properties and low dissipation factors
  • Provide you with shielding materials against electromagnetic interference
  • Protect your device from corrosive elements, high temperature, shock or vibrations

Our large available stock on most references and reliable logistic network will ensure a fast delivery to your manufacturing unit wherever you are located.

The functionalities you are looking for

Electrical properties

Corrosion resistance

Temperature resistance

Get more information on our solutions for the electronic industry!

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