Delivering coating performance just-in-time

The automotive industry is facing numerous challenges: improving fuel efficiency to reduce carbon footprint, optimizing the lifecycle of vehicles, and meeting the highest safety requirements while providing a great driving experience. Specialty coatings such as Teflon™  fluoropolymers by Chemours, Rilsan (R) polyamide powders by Arkema, Bonderite® Dry Lubricants by Henkel and Thermal Spray Ceramic Powders by Saint-Gobain help to reduce friction, vibration and noise for longer service intervals. Loctite conductive inks by Henkel will also provide you with the required functionalities for your electronic settings.

Your applications

Automotive and industrial vehicles

Belt clips, fasteners, body shafts, bushes, bearings, pumps, mating parts, transmissions, blades, filters, screens, fuel lines and fluid flows (braking, clutch system, cooling), seals, gaskets, exhaust systems, electronic control unit, sliding doors, seat rails

Electrical vehicles

Lithium-ion batteries, connectors, cabling

Why choose us ?

If you are looking for coatings with a high level of thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance meeting the specifications of the automotive industry, look no longer. We put our expertise at your service to:
  • Provide you with low friction level coatings for noise dampening
  • Improve the performance and safety of your batteries with binder and separator coatings
  • Extend the lifespan of your automotive applications with temperature, corrosion and wear resistant coatings
Our large available stock on most references and reliable logistic network will ensure a just-in-time delivery to your shopfloor and give you the peace of mind you require.

The functionalities you are looking for

Vibration reduction

Low friction level

Electrical properties

Corrosion resistance

Temperature resistance

Non-stick properties

Wear resistance

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