Saint-Gobain flame spray equipment range includes a complete line of flame spray handheld guns for thermal spray process applications.

Thanks to its engineering excellence and vast knowledge of material technology, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions developed top-quality flame spray equipment. Allowing to apply metallic, ceramic or carbide materials, they provide excellent quality finish with a simple and safe set-up.

The flame spray equipment range meets the most demanding application challenges.

Expand your technical capabilities to be able to:
• Protect metallic parts with an anticorrosion coating
• Spray a bond-coat to improve coating adherence
• Rebuild and resurface worn parts
• Deposit a wear- and corrosion resistant coating on-site

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Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions manufacture consumables and equipment for functional coatings in a broad range of markets such as Aerospace, Energy, Automotive, Electronics and more. They develop innovative materials and solutions for a wide range of coating technologies, including Thermal Spray.

Their product line includes guns that impart wear-resistant coatings in metallic, ceramic, carbide & composite materials as well as completely integrated flame spray systems designed for manual or automatic applications.

From lightweight and easy-to-use to best-in-class versatility and productivity, there is a flame spray gun to fit all your application needs.

Whether used with Flexicords and Rokide® rods or standard thermal spray wires, Saint-Gobain Flame spray guns provide the optimal coating solution for a wide range of applications.