Achieving a flowing packaging process

Packaging companies need to combine quality and competitiveness. Therefore, increased productivity and production flow are high on their agenda. Teflon™ fluoropolymers are the best option to ensure decreased friction when coated conveyor parts rub together, thus boosting production flow. Their non-stick properties are also unavoidable to maintain the durability of heat seal bars for those using vacuum packaging.

Your applications


Heat seal bars, conveyor belts

Why choose us ?

Tetrachim can help you ensure essential components of your packaging process will remain operational by:
  • Decreasing the friction level of your conveyor belts to increase your production flow
  • Maintaining non-stick properties of heat seal bars to avoid downtime in your production
Our team will guide you to find the most durable coating for your application. And we can deliver wherever you want for a faster maintenance operation thanks to our optimal logistic network.

The functionalities you are looking for

Non-stick properties

Corrosion resistance

Low friction properties

Wear resistance

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