Pebax Coating Powder
Pebax® Coating Powder

Pebax resins are reknown for their combination of elasticity and mechanical resistance.

Pebax Coating Powder

Pebax® is a thermoplastic elastomer made of flexible polyether and rigid polyamide. It has become famous for its outstanding combination of lightweight (typically 20% lighter than competitive polymers) and tremendously efficient energy return over a very wide temperature range. Therefore, Pebax® elastomers tend not to stiffen/embrittle at lower temperature, and they tend not to soften or lose elasticity at higher temperatures.

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Pebax Powders can be applied with following processes:

  • Fluid-bed dip
  • Electrostatic spray

Pebax Coating Powders provide the following characteristics:

  • Efficient energy return over a wide temperature range
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance to shock
  • Flexibility
  • Smooth texture with glossy appearance

Application Examples

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