3M Scotchcast™ powders are one-part, 100% solids epoxy systems offering outstanding properties and unique benefits for electrical applications.

Insulation systems are a means of ensuring reliable and safe operation of electrical equipment. Scotchcast™ powders are recognized by Underwriters Laboratories and the International Electrochemical Commission as integral ground insulation for coils, motors and transformers in their Electrical Insulation Systems. See IEC Publication 85 and UL Standard 1446.

20,00 kg
22,70 kg
27,20 kg

Scotchcast™ powder resins are manufactured by a fusion-blend process. Each particle of powder contains all the components necessary to attain the stated performance properties including:

• Fast curing
• Excellent electrical properties
• Excellent thermal and mechanical shock resistance
• Superior cut-through resistance
• High adhesion
• Excellent chemical and moisture resistance
• High to low flow characteristics
• Superior electrostatic coating capability

The powder resin selection depends primarily on the method of application available.
The most commonly used application processes for Scotchcast™ powders are:
• Fluid bed dip
• Electrostatic spray
• Electrostatic fluid bed
• Venturi Spray