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A complete line of flame spray hand-held guns for thermal spray to apply metallic, ceramic or carbide materials and provide a quality finish with a simple and safe set-up.

A range of hand-held guns for a versatile use of flame spray

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has applied its engineering excellence & vast knowledge of material technology to develop a complete line of flame spray hand-held guns. This range allows you to expand your technical capabilities to be able to:

  • Protect metallic parts with an anti-corrosion coating
  • Spray a bondcoat to improve coating adherence
  • Rebuild and resurface worn parts
  • Deposit a wear- and corrosion- resistant coating on-site


EZ-JET are very user-friendly lightweight guns with only 3 parameters to set before use. They work with propane fuel gas only and provide corrosion resistant coatings using zinc, aluminum or zinc-aluminum wires.They are the ideal tool for lengthy spray applications on complicated shapes either in shop or on site.


TOP-JET flame spray guns are recognized for their high-torque air motor. With its five-shift gearbox, they enable users to work at the highest torque per given speed. They are versatile and can go from spraying tin to ceramic in 30 seconds. They are equally well suited for large surface jobs or precision spraying.


MASTER-JET is the best-in-class manual flame spray gun. Productivity, versatility, and simplicity provide an unmatched user experience for a hand-held flame spray device. It is able to spray ceramic, metal and carbide coatings using wires, Flexicord or Rokide® rods in large-volume runs. The gun delivers excellent spray efficiency with low investment costs & low gas consumption, making it a highly cost-effective spray solution to produce coatings for a variety of applications.


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