Ensuring reliable patient care

When patient’s health is at stake, medical practitioners need reliable equipment that will operate efficiently with the highest level of hygiene. Technologies used are critical to achieving an optimal patient care. Particularly at times when digitalization is challenging traditional medical procedures. Coatings will have to offer flexibility, outstanding anti-corrosion properties, excellent chemical inertness and good impact resistance for them to be reliable for medical applications. Medical electronic devices will require high-reliability conductive inks formulated specifically for fail-safe medical applications.

Your applications

Operating Devices

Coated medical instruments, trays, biological sensors and patches, ECG electrodes, self-monitoring devices, diagnostic and other equipment, pill molds, centrifuge baskets

Medical Furniture

Beds, wheelchairs, ambulance stretchers, supports and bathroom equipment for disabled people’s toilets

Why choose us ?

Tetrachim will guide you towards the best options to bring your medical application to life with:
  • Cost-efficient conductive inks adapted to the design of your devices
  • Special coatings to protect equipment surfaces from microbial contamination
  • Specific ranges of coating materials specifically developed for the healthcare industry and certified by recognized suppliers
And all this with the usual top-notch service from the Tetrachim team! Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

The functionalities you are looking for

Chemical inertness

Electrical properties

Non-stick properties

Corrosion resistance

Get more insights on our solutions for the medical industry!

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