Coatings in the food sector are primarily applied to bakeware, such as baking sheets, pans, and molds. Tetrachim is proud to present one of the largest range of food-approved anti-stick coatings for industrial bakeware and food applications. See for yourself below:

Coatings have become indispensable tools in enhancing the efficiency and quality of baking processes, benefiting both consumers and manufacturers alike.

Their key uses include:

  • Non-Stick Properties: Coatings prevent food from sticking to bakeware, making it easier to release baked goods without damaging their shape or appearance.
  • Easy Cleaning: Non-stick coatings simplify cleanup, reducing the need for excessive greasing and minimizing food residue buildup.
  • Uniform Baking: Coatings ensure even heat distribution, resulting in consistent baking results and uniform browning of baked items.
  • Safety: Food-grade coatings are essential for preventing food contamination, ensuring that bakeware remains hygienic and safe for food preparation.