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The global demand for energy is expected to double by 2050 with many challenges to tackle.
In this fast-growing sector, instruments and equipment are undergoing extreme temperatures, UV, pressures, corrosion, and abrasion and must, of course, offer excellent dielectric properties. Therefore, sturdy materials such as Teflon™ fluoropolymer coatings by Chemours, Scotchcast™ powders by 3M, Kynar® or Rilsan® coatings by Arkema, Thermal Spray Ceramic Powders by Saint-Gobain are required to satisfy the challenging constraints of this sector.

Your applications


Wind turbine blades, solar panels, tubing and piping in power generation and waste incineration plants


Lithium-ion batteries, connectors, cabling, underground electric cables, fasteners, portable electrical equipment, light fittings, armatures

Why choose us ?

Whether for energy-generating equipment or electricity storage and distribution devices, our superior technical support will guide you to find the right solution to:
  • Provide you with excellent electrical resistance coatings for insulation and jacketing
  • Improve the performance and safety of your device with binder and separator coatings
  • Reduce and optimize the production time of your parts with faster-setting polymers
  • Extend the lifespan of your products with anti-UV, corrosion and moisture resistant coatings
That and many more options are available to assist you in creating the energy devices of the future. Connect with us to learn more.

The functionalities you are looking for

Electrical properties

Temperature resistance

Corrosion resistance

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