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Conductive Inks & Coatings

Countless devices rely on printed electronic technologies for function, form and flexibility. Henkel has developed ink solutions for the three most commonly used technologies: flatbed (screen/stencil), flexographic and rotogravure printing.
In addition, minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is also an important design criterion.
Conductive coatings have been successfully used as a method of EMI shielding for over 25 years.
With a broad portfolio of conductive inks and coatings, Henkel is making today’s medical solutions, in-home conveniences, handheld connectivity and automotive advances reliable and effective.

Henkel’s printed electronics inks product portfolio includes:

  • Silver
  • Carbon
  • Dielectric
  • Positive temperature coefficient (PTC)
  • Transparent conductive
  • Fine line silver
  • Highly conductive silver
  • Force sensitive Resistors (FSR)
  • Thermoformable silver

Henkel shielding coatings range is based on:

  • Nickel pigments
  • Copper pigments
  • Silver pigments

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