Scotchcast 265

Unfilled epoxy powder with low-melt viscosity designed for the Impregnation and Bonding of Coils and Laminations to provide better heat transfer, mechanical strength and environmental protection. Scotchcast™™ 265 can advantageously replace liquid resins.

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SKU 700265020F

Packaging22,70 kg
Supplier 3M
RangeEpoxy powder
Properties Insulating
Application methodsFluid bed dipping, Bonding

Scotchcast™™ 265 is a powder. It is simply applied to the heated windings where it melts, flows into the wire interstices and cures. Low melt viscosity and minimum build make this powder ideal for a variety of coating and bonding applications when mixed with acetone.

Weight 25,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

Dielectric strength: 1 300V/mil, UL 1446 Electrical Insulation System (EIS) approved at Class B (130°C)

Weight 25,00 kg
Dimensions 35,00 × 35,00 × 38,00 cm

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