BONDERITE® L-GP 386 is a colloidal dispersion of graphite in ethyl alcohol. It is used for the formation of dry lubricating films and electrically conducting coatings. It is also employed as an anti-seize material on screw threads.

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SKU 11900122P

Packaging0,90 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeDry lubricant
Properties Conductive
Application methodsSpraying, Dipping, Brush

BONDERITE® L-GP 386 is used in several metal processing techniques, generally spray applied. It is used as billet lubricant in e.g. hot forging of aluminium, cold extrusion, aluminium extrusion or warm forming. BONDERITE® L-GP 386 is also extensively used as mould pre-treatment in metal casting and as a running-in coating on belts.

Weight 1,07 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 13,20 cm
  • Temperature resistance: 250°C to 300°C in air and 1 200°C in inert atmospheres
  • Screw thread anti-seize: up to 700°C in air
  • Resistivity: 200 to 1 100 Ohm/square
  • depending on coating thickness
  • and curing conditions. Curing improves adhesion and film strength and increases conductivity.
Weight 1,07 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 13,20 cm

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