ES Jaune/Yellow 7391 MAC

Rilsan® Fine Powders are high performance biobased polyamide 11 powders produced from castor oil. Thermoplastic polyamides are used to coat metal substrates for their oustanding characteristics including abrasion, corrosion & impact resistance, noise reduction, flexibility, low coefficient of friction. Rilsan® ES grades should be applied using the corona spraying equipement type with positive polarity or the tribo type. MAC (Mass coloured) grades exhibit improved weathering capabilities for outdoor applications.

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Packaging20,00 kg
Supplier ARKEMA
RangeEco-friendly coatings, Polyamide
Categories ,
Application methodsElectrostatic spraying

Polyamide 11 is a polymer made of 100% renewable organic carbon. The necessary additives for its formulation represent an insignificant part of the finished polymer. Rilsan® Fine Powders are eco-friendly coatings, they do not release any volatile organic compounds and are free of heavy metal pigments, bisphenol A, phthalates, halogens, isocyanates and curing agents. Castor oil is 100% vegetable, biodegradable, natural, non-toxic and renewable. Rilsan® Fine Powders are a responsible choice for the environmentally aware.

Weight 22,00 kg
Dimensions 70,00 × 40,00 × 20,00 cm
  • Mass pigmented
  • Coating thickness: 80 to 150 μm
  • Median particle size: around 30 µm
  • Curing temperature: 215°C
Weight 22,00 kg
Dimensions 70,00 × 40,00 × 20,00 cm

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