Kepstan 6002 PL

Kepstan® PEKK powder coatings are based on polyether-ketone-ketone. This is Arkema highest performance powder coating which can survive exposure to high continuous use temperatures and corrosive environments while maintaining good abrasion resistance. This Kepstan® PEKK coating grade can be applied via electrostatic spray or fluidized bed dip.

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Packaging10,00 kg
Supplier ARKEMA
Application methodsElectrostatic spraying, Fluid bed dipping

Kepstan® PEKK based powder coatings offer an outstanding combination of physical properties and application ease that make it the ideal choice for your demanding coatings application.

Kepstan® PEKK is part of the PAEK family of ultra-high performance polymers. Its unique copolymer structure results in a material with, high polarity, a relatively low melting point, and slow crystallization rate. These properties make Kepstan® PEKK easier to apply than alternative coatings while still having some of the highest performance characteristics available.

Weight 11,00 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm

Kepstan® PEKK powder coatings offer an excellent balance of performance in a variety of key coating properties, including hardness, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance.

  • Easy application / low application temperature
  • Excellent adhesion to metal – no primer required
  • High abrasion resistance + hardness
  • Excellent chemical resistance
Weight 11,00 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm

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