Loctite EDAG PM-406V1 E&C

LOCTITE EDAG PM406V1 E&C is a highly conductive, screen-printable, silver ink for a wide range of substrates.

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SKU 2074355R

Packaging1,50 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeConductive ink
Properties Conductive
Application methodsScreen printing

LOCTITE EDAG PM406V1 E&C is a screen printable, conductive ink formulated to have very high conductivity and solids content. Used with EDAG PF 455B E&C. Is it compatible with PET, Paper and PVC. Typical applications are Printed circuitry, RFID and other conductive circuits. In addition to flexibility, adhesion and compatibility requirements, electronic inks used for RFID products have to be capable of transmitting and receiving specific radio frequencies. Henkel inks for RFID offers good permeability, surface roughness and low impedance to interact effectively with RF fields.

Weight 1,62 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 11,00 cm
  • Conductive silver ink
  • Sheet Resistivity: <0.015 ohms/sq/25 µm
  • Curing temperature: 90°C-120°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 100°C
  • High solids
  • Fast drying
Weight 1,62 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 11,00 cm

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