Henkel Bonderite® dry-film lubricants

BONDERITE® Dry Lubricants by Henkel

Need lubrication in your processes but it requires too much maintenance?

With a super clean finish, Henkel Bonderite® dry-film lubricants are the answer to your needs!

The lubrication provided by PTFE, molybdenum disulfide or graphite coatings, protects your parts against wear, corrosion, fretting, galling and sticking.

The process optimization includes :

  • Clean and dry lubrication
  • Maintenance-free lifetime performance
  • Durability under extreme conditions
  • Suppression of stick-slip effects
  • High resistance against chemical and corrosive attack
  • Multi-substrate compatibility


A wide range of applications 

From aerospace to automotive, electronics or rubber industries, there is a reliable solution for you!

Pistons of combustion engines, jet engines, nuclear power plants, locks, sliding rails and steering mechanisms are just a few examples of successfully lubricated parts.


Want to test? Tetrachim team is at your service to guide you in finding the right dry lubricant for your application and assist you in how to apply it successfully !

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