532-6310 Topcoat ETFE Clear

The ETFE powder 532-6310 is designed for high-build topcoats and is specially formulated to resist sagging in thick films. It is extremely tough, abrasion-resistant and has excellent chemical resistance. ETFE is also an excellent electrical insulator and has good nonstick and low friction properties.

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SKU 5326310U

Packaging10,00 kg
Supplier Chemours
Application methodsElectrostatic spraying

ETFE is a thermoplastic copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene. Although not fully fluorinated, ETFE has excellent chemical resistance and can operate continuously at 150°C. This resin is the toughest of the fluoroplastics and can be applied at film builds up to 1 000 µm to provide a highly durable finish.

Weight 11,00 kg
Dimensions 32,00 × 32,00 × 41,00 cm
  • Temperature resistance up to 150°C
  • Recommended DFT: up to 250 µm per coat
  • Curing temperature: 290°C
Weight 11,00 kg
Dimensions 32,00 × 32,00 × 41,00 cm

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