Bonderite C-IC 670

BONDERITE® C-IC 670 is a concentrated liquid acidic detergent with rust protection properties. It removes mineral deposits, thin layer of rust & grease from ferrous surfaces.

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SKU 365059

Packaging30,00 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeDry lubricant
Properties Cleaning
Application methodsSpraying, Brush, Wiping

BONDERITE® C-IC 670 provides a good pretreatment prior to painting and a good adhesion of paint. For deoxidizing of hot dip galvanized parts, the treatment time should be short. Long treatment times in steel and copper alloys may cause corrosion. BONDERITE® C-IC 670 contains no sulphuric acid, no nitric acid, no oxalic acid and no hydrochloric acid.

Weight 31,20 kg
Dimensions 24,50 × 29,50 × 46,80 cm
  • Contains phosphoric acid
  • surfactants and corrosion inhibitor. The concentration of use depends of the dirtiness of the surface to be cleaned.
Weight 31,20 kg
Dimensions 24,50 × 29,50 × 46,80 cm

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