Loctite 7063

LOCTITE® SF 7063 is a non-CFC solvent based formulation for cleaning and degreasing of surfaces to be bonded with LOCTITE® adhesives. The product can also be used for cleaning and degreasing machine components during maintenance operations.

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SKU 149293B

Packaging10,00 L
Supplier Henkel
Categories ,
Properties Cleaning
Application methodsSpraying, Wiping

LOCTITE® SF 7063 has no effect on the speed of cure or final strength of LOCTITE® adhesives other than providing a clean surface for good adhesion and adhesive cure. Unclean or partially cleaned surfaces can affect adhesive performance.

Weight 8,34 kg
Dimensions 24,90 × 17,10 × 36,60 cm
  • Surface cleaner
Weight 8,34 kg
Dimensions 24,90 × 17,10 × 36,60 cm

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