BONDERITE® L-GP 154 ACHESON, a specially processed colloidal graphite dry film lubricant, air dries rapidly at room temperature and adheres tenaciously to most substrates with minimum surface preparation. The thinness of the coating, coupled with high lubricity, provides clean, long-wearing lubrication without redesign of component dimensions.

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SKU 08690323C

Packaging3,18 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeDry lubricant
Application methodsSpraying, Dipping, Brush

BONDERITE® L-GP 154 ACHESON is an easy-to-apply resistance coating designed to provide conductivity, and excellent release properties to many nonconductive substrates, including most plastics. BONDERITE® L-GP 154 ACHESON has been specified throughout the electronics industry in a multitude of roles.

Weight 4,20 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm
  • Coefficient of friction: 0.19 static
  • Temperature resistance : 204°C continuous
  • Sheet resistance: <2400 ohms/sq @ 25 ?m dry film thickness
Weight 4,20 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm

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