BONDERITE® L-GP M TA 402 is a one-component resin bonded dry film lubricant based on molybdenum disulphide. It naturally performs superbly under extreme pressure and has also been designed to give good abrasion resistance.

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SKU 54182011120

Packaging1,00 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeDry lubricant
Properties Abrasion resistance
Application methodsScreen printing

BONDERITE® L-GP M TA 402, once applied and cured, lubricates efficiently over a broad temperature range, eliminating stick, galling, seizing and separating metal surfaces at low speeds, under extreme loads and in spite of vibration and shock. The ability of BONDERITE® L-GP M TA 402 to be applied by screen printing means that wastage of the coating can be eliminated and it can be applied to precise areas in carefully controlled thicknesses. It is well suited to automated production lines.

Weight 1,12 kg
Dimensions 11,20 × 11,20 × 11,00 cm
  • Coefficient of friction (static): 0.14
  • Temperature resistance: 150 °C continuous and 175 °C intermittent
  • A fully run-in coating has a service temperature of 340°C continuous and 400 °C intermittent.
Weight 1,12 kg
Dimensions 11,20 × 11,20 × 11,00 cm

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