Loctite Ablestik 59C

LOCTITE ABLESTIK 59C adhesive is designed for applications used at high temperatures which require electrical conductivtiy and do not need a high bond strength. It can be used in its cured or uncured state.

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SKU 1189654J

Packaging0,10 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeConductive adhesive
Properties Conductive
Application methodsAssembly

LOCTITE ABLESTIK 59C is a thixotropic, electrically and thermally conductive adhesive. It is a one component pressure sensitive product offering high flexibility and high tack. It is reworkable and can be used with a variety of catalysts.

Weight 0,24 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm
  • Conductive adhesive
  • Volume Resistivity at 25°C: 0
  • 2 mohm-cm
  • Thermal Conductivity: 7 W/(m-K)
  • Curing temperature: 150°C
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C to +260°C
Weight 0,24 kg
Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm

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