Loctite ECI 7004HR E&C

LOCTITE ECI 7004HR E&C screen printable ink is specially designed for blending with NCI 7002 E&C to provide exceptional resistance in the production of low voltage circuitry on polyester film. The blend is suitable for the manufacturing of force sensors with slow responsive sensitivity profiles. HR refers to high resistance.

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SKU 2110146J

Packaging0,50 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeConductive ink
Properties Conductive
Application methodsScreen printing

Force sensitive resistors (FSRs) are providing unique capability for numerous applications in the medical, consumer, industrial, commercial and entertainment sectors. FSRs facilitate touch and detection functions for sensors that respond with a decrease in resistance when increased force is applied to the sensor surface. Henkel’s portfolio of conductive and nonconductive force sensitive inks and spacer materials provide a total solution for FSR applications and can be custom-blended to adjust for desired resistance and sensitivity. Highly stable and reliable, Henkel’s FSR materials ensure exceptional product function and long lifecycles.

Weight 0,62 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 11,00 cm
  • FSR ink
  • Sheet Resistivity: 3 500 ohm/sq/25µm
  • Curing temperature: 120°C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 100°C
Weight 0,62 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 11,00 cm

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