Loctite ECI 8090 E&C

LOCTITE ECI 8090 E&C is a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) screen printable ink designed for applications where self regulating heaters are required. This material is formulated to rapidly heat to a specific threshold temperature and then maintain constant temperature for the device. The self-regulating temperature of the bare ink is around 90°C.

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SKU 2330778P

Packaging1,00 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeConductive ink
Properties Conductive
Application methodsScreen printing

LOCTITE® ECI 8000 E&C Series is a screen-printable alternative to traditional wires when uniform heating is required. Its deposition flexibility offers users the benefits of more effective application, greater design latitude and a larger scope of applications. With Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) functionality that enables self-regulation to a specific threshold temperature, uniform and flexible heating as compared to wires, thin and lightweight characteristics and sustainability, LOCTITE® ECI 8000 E&C Series is set to dramatically change heating applications for modern manufacturing.

Weight 1,18 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 17,00 cm
  • PTC carbon ink
  • PTC ratio >7
  • Self-regulated T°C: 90°C
  • Sheet Resistance: 1.0 kOhm/sq/25 µm
  • Curing temperature: 120°C-140°C
Weight 1,18 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 17,00 cm

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