Loctite EDAG 423 SS

LOCTITE EDAG 423SS E&C conductive, screen printable ink consists of very finely divided graphite particles dispersed in a thermoplastic resin. It is designed for use in the production of low voltage circuitry on polyester film.

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SKU 01741134O

Packaging1,00 kg
Supplier Henkel
RangeConductive ink
Properties Conductive
Application methodsScreen printing

LOCTITE EDAG 423SS E&C is a conductive carbon ink compatible for use with polyester film, polycarbonate film, PVC film, paper and cardboard. Typical applications are Membrane touch switches, Printed resistors, Keyboards, Heating elements, Flexible circuits, Membrane switches and Protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Weight 1,18 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 17,00 cm
  • Conductive carbon ink
  • Sheet Resistance: <42 ohms/sq
  • Curing temperature: 90°C-120°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 105°C
Weight 1,18 kg
Dimensions 11,00 × 11,00 × 17,00 cm

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