Introducing thermoformable inks for flexible circuits

Enter the world of thermoformable inks

Recently there has been an increasing interest for thermo-forming and In-Mold Electronics, aka IME. These two technologies are often combined. Some of the key drivers raising the interest of industrials is the possibility to gain weight up to 70% for control panels for instance. Therefore, it has also be a great way to reduce costs, up to 30% for some applications. In the end, it opens up new creative options for designers leading the way to innovative concepts and improved competitivity.

These technologies make it possible to fabricate 3D electronic structures. They can be used for a various kind of new applications for automotive or consumer electronics such as:

  • Interior consoles
  • Appliance control panels
  • Wearable applications

Easy to screenprint

The Loctite thermo-formable inks are suitable for flatbed or rotary screenprinting with a long open screen time and can be diluted to the required viscosity for easier application.

Various design options 

Thermo-formable inks can be formed to complex shapes, are very thin and can be elongated up to 30% to fit with various in-mold electronic devices.

Want to test? The Tetrachim team is at your service to guide you in finding the right ink for your application and assist you in how to apply it successfully !

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